ABOUT-US-1At APS, we take pride in our history. For over 20 years, we have proudly serviced the aviation industry worldwide—airlines and MROs alike—to create the most effective air-parts solutions for our customers. Through the sale, loan, exchange, and repair management of spare aircraft parts, we have developed long-standing relationships with clients worldwide. We provide 24/7 service for all customers looking to optimize their aircraft inventories. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who are aerospace industry veterans. Throughout our 20 years of development at APS, we have never gone astray from our core company values: top notch customer service, quality product and efficient transactions.

Members of the APS management team each have over 35 years of aviation experience and embody complete and total knowledge of the aviation industry from all fields. This includes maintenance, logistics, passenger and cargo, and sales.

APS’ management is deeply committed to maintaining and building successful relationships with customers, as well as sustaining a positive work environment in order to support the well-being and success of its employees.

APS strives to be the partner of choice for anyone and everyone involved in the aviation community. Currently, APS employs its services to aviation colleges, MROs and airlines with great pride. APS is never hesitant to provide service to a customer in need, regardless of their geographic location. This is verifiable by APS’ global presence. APS hosts offices in Miami, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Moscow and Manila to ensure customers are able to be beneficiaries of our 24/7 availability. APS is limitless in its  commitment to consistency with cornerstone business values; this includes integrity, timeliness, and quality.

When it comes to work in the office or in the warehouse, APS is deeply committed not only to environmental mindfulness, but actually putting it into practice. APS’ ISO 14001 certification is a point of pride as APS constantly strives to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment. The APS team understands its responsibility to the environment by minimizing waste, introducing environmental management systems, conserving resources, and using environmentally friendly products.

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